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Your daily “to-do” lists are full of the stresses and strains that encumber your personal, professional, familial and social lives. You experience anxiety, mental and physical tension, a disharmony with yourself, others and your environment. You need to address this imbalance of mind, body, and spirit…

Retreat, Relax and Rejuvenate

The HEALING SPA TASTER is a rewarding indulgence at the HEALING SPA where we have curated some of the world’s most effective spa and wellness therapies to realign and redress the imbalance of your body, mind and spirit, returning you to a state of harmony, relaxation and peace. With our comprehensive hydrothermal facilities, which integrate under one roof all the best therapeutic treatments of quantum science and Asian wellness wisdom, this program lets you enjoy therapies that release, rejuvenate and rebalance.

  • Holistic healing journey customized to your needs in one of the most comprehensive spas in Asia
  • Customized meals prepared by international dieticians and chefs
  • Guided morning meditation sessions
  • Silent meditative nature walks
  • Group movement classes
  • Mindfulness workshop to still and clarify the mind
  • 1-night accommodation at Sangha Retreat within infinity lake view
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